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At the age of thirteen I was diagnosed with Crohns disease during the Christmas break of 2009. It took a toll on me and my family, it wasn’t the easiest thing to go through but no matter how bad it got I knew it could always be worse. The disease was shocking but not a complete surprise because my mother has it as well. I learned over time no matter how bad things got it could always be worse.
Crohns is an inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) that causes inflammation of the lining of my digestive system, which leads to flare-ups. So just like all other illness your body gets antibodies and is trying to kill off the sickness. I have the Crohns from my throat to my rectum. I started feeling the pain right before Christmas break, and I missed a little bit of school. My parents weren’t too concerned at this point. It felt like really sharp pains all over my body almost like tiny screws were inside of me slowly twisting. When my cramps got really bad it would make me nauseas. Over Christmas break I didn’t want to do anything or go anywhere. So that’s when my parents started to get concerned. They made me a doctor’s appointment, when we went to my first appointment the doctor couldn’t find out what was happening with me. So we decided to go into a specialist! The specialist ordered me a endoscopy and colonoscopy, those two test scared me a bit. So I went into the test and it came out positive… I have Crohns disease, well this is a good thing because we now know what it is but bad because this disease I now possess is an incurable and painful disease. Not knowing what’s going to happen next I just have to wait and see. Going through all this I just had to keep my head up and keep going, knowing that it could always be worse. When they found out what I had I started a treatment called Remmicade it’s an IV I have to get once every six weeks to keep the Crohns from inflaming. It worked for a while but I started to get pains again so I went back to the specialist and he ordered...


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