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Environmental Tendency of Mining Equipment

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     With the rapid development of heavy industry, environmental protection attracts more and more attention.
Development of mining machinery and equipment is moving to the direction of high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection. For example, mining machinery and equipment design adheres to the principles of long-life, low energy consumption and weight reduction. In the actual production of the low environmental load material, as far as possible,  we make the costs of parts processing with lowest consumption. Mining machinery and equipment should be considered in the design of the initial phase of deal with the scrap pieces simply, low cost and little pollution, components disintegration is convenient, easily broken, it can be incinerated or recovered as fuel and other issues. As much as possible, we use renewable materials and resources, such as the promotion of fuel cell mining machinery and geothermal resources mining technology and equipment, etc.. Countries are encouraging people to find mine while strengthen efforts to rectify the mining market. With the close of a large number of small metallurgical coal mine, small cement companies should be shut down, a new large-scale concentrator, the construction of large coal preparation plant and a large cement plant are in succession of construction, which put forward higher requirements for mining equipment, there is an urgent need to select the energy conservation and environmental protection equipment with large capacity, high screening efficiency, reliable operation. Automation, large-scale and energy efficient of mining environmental protection equipment is the focus of research and development.
     Hongxing mining equipment is characterized by environmental protection, energy conservation, and economical. Selecting Hongxing mining equipment will offer you the optimal benefits.
Hongxing has experienced a long history of development, we have...


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