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Ethics & Values
  * Values:
  * Set of beliefs that determine the behavior of each member and what an organization stands for
      * These behaviors are put into action when a problem occurs in an individual’s daily life whether it is at work or with family members.
      * The behaviors of the individual differ between what they believe is morally correct and what is thought to be wrong.
        * Everyone has a different set of values or they could be the same just in a different order of importance.
        * Overtime we begin to change those values in such a way so that they meet our personal and professional desires and needs.

  * Ethics:

  * Set of standards that one follows due to what they value personally or in a business
  * As David Straker stated in Changing Minds "... behaving ethically is to behave in such a manner that is consistent to what you truly believe in"
      * You have two choices one being the bad choice which brings problems to your life and the other being the good choice that follows in what your ethics and values are
  * Putting ethics into action:
      * Distinguishing between good and evil in the world & between right and wrong human actions
              * Business:
                    * applying ethics to any problem that arises in a business environment
                        * Have you ever seen the Carl’s Jr. Commercial with Kim Kardashian? How about the commercial with Audrina Patridge eating a Teriyaki Burger?
                          * Working at Carl’s
                          * Lie to customer about product being good
                          * Values of Honesty vs. Customer satisfaction
                        * What would you do in a situation like this?
                  * Personal
                    * Set of principles of right and wrong that take control of the behavior of an individual
                        * Friend tells you she’s is pregnant & to not...


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