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Special Designed Structure of Hammer Crusher

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     The hammer crusher has many types, which can be divided into single rotor hammer crusher and double rotor; according to the direction of rotation of the rotor, it can be divided into directional (rotor to rotate in one direction) and reversible (rotor toward the two direction) hammer Crusher; according to the number of hammerhead, it can be divided into single permutation, dual arrangement and multi arranged hammer crusher; based on the installation type of hammerhead device, it can be divided into fixed and movable hammer crusher.
     The different hammerhead structure design, different structure and geometry of the hammer crusher, the mechanical properties of the heat treatment, the internal microstructure are very different, and thus which has a greater influence on the wear resistance, especially the impact on thickness and the large size of the hammer is more prominent.
     The more heavy of the hammer head is, the more difficult harden ability will be, wear resistance is also worse.  Hammerhead's internal anti-wear performance was significantly lower than the surface, for thick hammer, we only by means of the a reasonable casting and heat treatment to improve this situation, but the means to improve the hammerhead wear resistance is limited, the best approach is to not change the hammer against kinetic and strength of the case, to optimize the design of the structure of the hammer, which can increase the utilization of the hammer on the one hand, on the other hand, it can reduce the impact that structure on the heat treatment performance and avoid hammerhead wear resistance decline.
The crushing process that bulk materials in the the hammer crusher cavity includes the following sections:
1. The impact between materials and hammer head;
2. The impact between material and liner;
3. The collision among materials;
4. The sgueezing between the hammer and the liner.
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