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To Protect Our Daily Lives with International Standard

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With the rapid development of World Trade and frequent technical exchanges, food machinery industry in China has begun to enter the supporting production of international high-end industrial chain. In the long-term participation, the introduction of a large number of foreign advanced food machinery, learning, imitation and innovation increased the difficulty for regulators, but the corresponding inspection and regulatory measures has been further strengthened and standardized.
    Food machinery is not a purely mechanical and electrical product like ball mill and dryer machine, which is in direct contact with food in the food production chain carrier. The health, environment-friendly, and other factors of its texture, structure and other aspects will directly affect the health and safety of the food, which is an important safeguard for food industry. From the microscopic point of view, no matter how sound the quality of the regulatory system in China, the food may still get recontamination or microorganisms or deadly germs in the process of processing or packaging, it will be a direct threat to the health and safety of people's life. Therefore, it should be an important part of food processing safety supervision can’t be ignored.
    The growing importance of the China Food Machinery also indicates the confidence of the people in the food industry is gradually restored, and we believe that the improved technical standards of food machinery can help it enter into the healthy and orderly development track, to protect our daily lives with international standards. According to statistics, China's annual loss because agricultural products’ failing fully processed reached $ 60 billion Yuan, so food machinery in China still has a very large market space, and the safety of the food machinery is even more important area needed long-term supervision.

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