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Mechanism of the Sand the Market Prospects Analysis and Forecast

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  In 2002 , the former State Bureau of Building Materials Industry and the implementation of the national standard GB/T14684-2001 " building sand " to determine the definition of technical requirements and test methods of artificial sand. This means that mechanisms the sand already become the mainstream of the sand used in construction .Mechanisms sand in the "15" has been promoted and widely used in the construction market , has also been accepted by the majority of building units .
  A. depletion of natural sand lead to building sand shortage
  Ecological awareness , awareness of environmental protection and resource awareness has been accepted and taken seriously, the gradual reduction in the natural sand resources , and in some places even exhausted condition , must have alternative products .With the in-depth development of the reform and opening up , the sand and gravel industry is the same with other building materials industry has developed rapidly . Of gravel annual output of over 600 million tons to 50 million tons by the pre-reform period (sand about 20 million tons) .With the increasing development of the infrastructure , the natural sand resources in many areas of China appear gradually reduced, even without natural sand , concrete sand , especially the contradiction between supply and demand , the price of sand is getting higher and higher , in some areas up to 130 yuan / ton sand sand peak also available , seriously affecting the progress of the project construction .Driven by economic interests , in many parts of the natural sand over-exploiting , especially a few years ago , destroying the sand-digging , destruction of river sand-digging everywhere , not only destroyed the limited arable land , levees , also caused a lot of engineering accidents .
B   building sand quality requirements increasing
Construction quality requirements increasing concrete aggregate requirements also will increase , especially C60 grade concrete over...


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