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10 Natural Wonders

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10 Natural Wonders to see before They Disappear- Reflection         Tina Lin
  After reading this article, I felt really sad about these beautiful nature scenes and species are going to disappear. All of these causes come from human’s selfishness and greediness. People get what they want from the nature, but often went beyond the limits. People also use fast and convenient ways to benefit ones. Not everyone really cares about what will happen to the nature system after they took away those materials that come from the Mother Nature. As a result, humans now face the cruel fact that actually terribly effects ourselves—global warming. In this article, the author talks about 10 Natural Wonders that will disappear sooner or later. Some of the species are really special and unique, some are even not seen before. Here are some examples of the beautiful species or nature that are going to disappear in the future: The world’s fourth largest island—Madagascar, keeps more than 80 percents of flora and fauna that can’t be found anywhere else on Earth. However, if humans still keep on logging, burning for self benefits, the forests will be gone in 35 years. The 20 species of lemur are in danger of disappearing. Another unique place at the world’s lowest nation—the poles Because of the global warming ,the ice caps melt in an astonishing speed and raises the sea levels, polar bears are endangered by the steady lost of sea ice. Human must take immediate action to save these beautiful and fully appreciated scenes and species. (257 words)


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