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On the Importance of Science

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We live in the age of science. It is due to science that man is leading a comfortable and secured life, unlike the life his ancestors struggled to get through.   Without Science our lives would be going nowhere. We would be struggling a great deal if it was not for all the scientific theories and knowledge possessed by humans. Our safety would be at a very high risk and our society would be utterly frustrated. We would not be able to classify substance based on their properties or their toxic effects. Inseparable parts of our lives such as the internet, television, the computer and aero planes est. are all gifts of science.

It is due to science that the earth has become smaller in our perception of it. Even time and vast spans of land have been conquered by science. For example, we can now reach distant locations in a few hours using modern transportation, and reach places humans of ancient times could never dream of. Even our domestic life has been changed by science, now we cook our food harvested from plant domestication on gas stoves instead of gathering in a cave and cooking hunted meat over primitive fireplaces. Man has achieved great success by conquering space, our footprints on the moon is but one of the testimonies to our abilities and potential. In developed countries, most of the domestic work is done by robotic instruments. And the ubiquitous computer is just one of the latest significant achievements of our scientists.

In the medical field science has brought numerous advances. X ray machines and other equipments help doctors in revealing the inner portions of the body. Science is being applied in the agricultural fields and tractors have taken the place of traditional bullocks and plough, saving time and precious energy. Through the advancement of science we not longer feel heat in summer and cold in winter in the comfort of our own homes. It has revolutionized our society and our interactions. We now effortlessly communicate to our friends and...


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