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Women in Science

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Around 2700 B.C.E. Merit Ptah became both the first physician in the world and the first recognized women scientist. Women have been around in the field of science for a very long time even though that was a rarity back then. As a matter of fact, men have dominated the field of science for centuries while the world classified women as submissive wives who should obediently do domestic chores when their husbands are at work. Unlike men, women had to surmount several obstacles like gender inequality if they desired to be prominent figures in the science world. However, the world shouldn’t have underestimated women. Little did they know how much women scientists have contributed to the world of science. The fact that women are essential to science has been proven numerous times.

Unlike the disparaging and condescending descriptions of women that the society offered hundreds of years ago, women are determined and passionate about achieving their goals. In addition, women scientists are capable of accomplishing the same things as men scientists.   Furthermore, women have explored fields that the majority of the male population has little or no knowledge or experience on. This is one of the reasons why women are so important to science. For instance, in 1809 Mary Dixon Kies invented the process of weaving straw with silk or thread. This process was discovered to be especially useful for making hats like bonnets, thus stimulated the hat industry and improved New England’s deteriorating economy at that moment. It was mostly likely that men didn’t know anything about making clothes back then.

Women have also made differences in the science and technology fields. For example, Deoxyribonucleic acid, also known as DNA, was discovered by a woman named Rosalind Franklin. This discovery was a major impact and became the foundation for future scientific research and discoveries. Moreover, Mary Anderson’s invention of windshield wipers sure kept vehicles from colliding each...


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