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Scientists Predict Coral Reefs May Disappear for Excessive Carbon Emissions in 2100

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According to a review of the major global climate models, if the current level of carbon dioxide emissions continue, by 2100 almost all coral reefs will die. The study found that the only way to maintain the chemical environment of the survival of coral reefs is a large scale as soon as possible to cut carbon dioxide emissions.

Global coral reefs have been in the high seas the elevated seawater acidification, water temperature, over-fishing, and the coastline pollution pressure hit. Carbon emissions have been reduced by 0.1 units, the pH of seawater so cause damage to coral reefs and hinder the growth of the bivalves. The record before losing mass on coral reefs: the death of a large area of ​​the acidification of seawater causes the coral reefs, but not all disappear.

Palo Alto, California, Carnegie Science Institute scientists to study how the acidification of seawater affect the future of coral reefs. They analyzed the experimental results of computer simulations from 13 global research group completed. The model includes the simulation in the higher levels of carbon dioxide, the future marine how to interact with the atmospheric environment. This is called "dynamic biogeochemical model is a new feature that does not exist in a previous generation of global climate models.

Using this model can predict the future physical properties of the pH value and temperature of the different parts of the marine. Scientists thus able to calculate the critical chemical factors affecting coral reefs. - That is what we call the aragonite coral shelling in the role of dissolved carbonate minerals. But when carbon dioxide pollution seawater continued acidification, the chemical reaction will change where the waters of the coral carbonate access. Such access extent that it reaches a saturated state, typically this state is considered to be at a pH between 3 to 3.5.

There is no precise principle of the survival of coral reefs, the data on the survival of coral reef...


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