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Internal and External Factors: Google

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Google: Internal and External Factors
Globalization, technology, innovation, diversity, and ethics are internal and external factors that affect the four functions of management in organizations throughout the world.   Google is one of those organizations.   Google and its management teams mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful (Schneider, 2011).   This is accomplished by sound leadership.   Google has streamlined their management processes to include not only leadership skills, but also interpersonal skills which lead to better management in all aspects of the company and most important, higher performance.   Planning, organizing, leading, and controlling are four functions of management that are affected by internal and external factors.   Google is handling these factors fairly well as they are the number one search engine in all but five countries (Mcgee, 2011).
Globalization allows businesses and individuals to interact and trade as part of a world economy (Taylor, 2011).   Google’s rapid globalization was and still is envied by other companies.   This rapid globalization was because of the planning and organizing of their design.   Google’s global design is less design.   When they have a product that will be utilized by 100-plus users around the country, it must be user friendly and uncomplicated.     For example, Google’s interface is very simple. Because of the simplicity, plain text, and ease of use, it has been copied around the country.   Google’s management leads and controls its teams to take the minimalistic approach that has made Google a global phenomenom.
Technology is ever changing. The Internet Company Google has prided itself on continuing to meet the needs of its users.   Since Google’s conception they wanted to provide a vast amount of information in a timely manner. Google has used what other internet companies are doing and improved upon them. The need for information right at its consumers...


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