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Ethics and Public Policy

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Ethics and Public Policy

December 17, 2012
William Humphreys

Ethics and Public Policy

Review the American Society of Public Administration (ASPA) Code of Ethics.

Write a 350-word executive summary in which you explain the importance of ethics in the public sector and intergovernmental relations.

Review the policy implementation from the State Agency Initiative Memo assignment.

Explain how your personal values align or vary from the stakeholders’ values.
Code of Ethics
The American Society for Public Administration (ASPA) exists to advance the science, processes, and art of public administration. The Society affirms its responsibility to develop the spirit of professionalism within its membership, and to increase public awareness of ethical principles in public service by its example. To this end, we, the members of the Society, commit ourselves to the following principles:
I Serve the Public Interest
Serve the public, beyond serving oneself. ASPA members are committed to:
1. Exercise discretionary authority to promote the public interest.
2. Oppose all forms of discrimination and harassment, and promote affirmative action.
3. Recognize and support the public's right to know the public's business.
4. Involve citizens in policy decision-making.
5. Exercise compassion, benevolence, fairness and opti-mism.
6. Respond to the public in ways that are complete, clear, and easy to understand.
7. Assist citizens in their dealings with government.
8. Be prepared to make decisions that may not be popular.
II Respect the Constitution and the Law
Respect, support, and study government constitutions and laws that define responsibilities of public agencies, employees, and all citizens. ASPA members are committed to:
1. Understand and apply legislation and regulations rele-vant to their professional role.
2. Work to improve and change laws and policies that are counter-productive or obsolete.
3. Eliminate unlawful discrimination.


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