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Mid Summers Night

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Midsummer Night’s Dream

When I went to go see the play “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” at Kentwood my first impression was, “It’s just going to be another play that I’m going to see.”   But once I received my ticket and took my seat it was more than that. I was impressed how it was all set up. The way that they set up the stage was really interesting; the costumes they used looked really good, and over all the set up were great. The acting was really great. It was really emotional when the time was right and had a lot of drama behind it, and even funny at times. Overall, great jobs of acting for a high school play. For the most part the story line made sense. The beginning was clear with the four ‘lovers’ liking each other and how they all ended up with the right one. But the ending was a bit confusing for me with the fairies dancing around. That part didn’t make much sense to me. Any part that had fairies was confusing to me. I think that my favorite part that made me laugh was when Titania the Fair Queen fell in love with Bottom/Dyramus. That part was funny because the Fairy King Oberon was going to play a trick on her by giving her something to make her fall in love with the first thing she sees. And the first thing she saw was Bottom, who was turned into a donkey. One thing they could have done better in that play was speak more clearly. They were talking pretty fast and pronunciation wasn’t that great. So it was hard to understand what they were trying to say at times. Overall the show went really well. It was great to watch and not many mistakes were made throughout the play. If the play that Shakespeare created was clearer and easier to follow then I’d probably go see it again.


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