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Are Rating Systems Necessary

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I strongly believe that rating systems are necessary. The reasons why are because for safety of children, how they are rated, and it might make them violent.

          The first reason is for the safety of the children. If there was no ratings then children would start be afraid and start having fears. For example, if you take a 6 year old to a rated R movie, then they would be most likely that the child would start hiding in their beds or close their eyes when something bad is going to happen, so if someone made some noise, the child would run to a hiding place. You wouldn’t want to have a sacred little kid that you would have to have a long talk to.

          The second reason is how they are rated. Some pictures look like they are safe but if you look down at the bottom left corner of the box it shows the rating; G for general audiences for all ages admitted. Such films may contain only mild fantasy violence or crude humor. Such films have no nudity or drugs at all. The violence must be cartoonish in nature and/or minimal in quantity. PG for parental guidance suggested meaning some material may not be suitable for children. Parents are advised to give parental guidance as the motion picture contains some material that parents might not like for younger children. PG-13 meaning parents strongly cautioned meaning some material may be inappropriate for children under 13. Parents are strongly advised to be cautious and contain some material that parents might not like for their pre-teenagers. R for restricted under 17 requires an accompanying parent or adult guardian. This movie contains some adult material and parents are urged to learn more about this film before taking their young children with them to see it. Generally, it is inappropriate for parents to take them to see it. So look very carefully about what you get before you buy it.

The most important reason is that it might make them violent. Lets say that a 10 year old   child just watched   a rated...


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