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National Industrialization And Land Reforms

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(b)     Excesses of stalin’s industrialization programme
impact:   Poor working condition which led to labour unrest in 1929
long working hours, appalling working conditions, with the slitghest mistake they were sent to labour camps, low wages
system of rewards and training for workers
to ensure that targets were met, government offered salaries based on workers’ production
as the work force was uneducated, the government started a campaign to teach the Russian workers new skills
changing living conditions
despite the suffering due to neglecting of basic goods before 1935, the situation improved as there was free education, subsidized healthcare and provision of extensive leisure facilities.
Unemployment problems were solved
Many farmers migrated to the city to work
      Excesses of stalin’s agricultural programme
Impact:   stalin wanted to improve the output in crops by improving farming
                  methods and collectivization  
riots and resistance
to stop forced collectivization,   the farmers rioted and engaged in armed resistance.   Villagers who opposed were forced to move or sent to the gulags(labour camps)
sever food shortages occurred as the farmers burnt their crops rather that send them to Communist officials. An estimate of 10 million peasants died in the famine.
Achievement of stalin’s aims
He had regular supply of cheap crops and freed workers from the countryside by mechanizing the farms.
Excesses of stalin’s political control
Impact: through the use of purges and show trials, stalin was able to exercise such tight control over the people that most were afraid of opposing him.
fear and suspicion
people were encouraged to inform on anyone if they made any bad comment about stalin or the soviet union. No evidence was needed for an arrest.
Mass executions
More than 20 million people were victims of purges.
no one dared to oppose stalin. Those who had been purged were removed from any painting that they have...


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