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Industry Boiler in China

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In the   industry boiler in China is a growing industry and boiler industry and businesses face a variety of challenges. Boiler industry must adhere to market-oriented strategy, closely rely on scientific and technological progress, relying on scientific and technological innovation, under the guidance of national energy and environmental policies, adjustment of enterprise structure and product structure, manufacture and sale of boilers to meet market demand, a place in the fierce competition in the market.
Recently, the special survey in Zhuhai, Guangdong Province detected a boiler technology of the project passed the national quality supervision and quarantine inspection. This project has filled the domestic pressure such rapid chemical detection of corrosion products on special equipment technical blank, guiding and helping enterprises to adopt a scientific and rational equipment anticorrosion and descaling methods, pressure equipment safety, and to reduce the operating costs of enterprises is of great importance.
Boiler, pressure vessel and pressure piping in pressure equipment during operation, such as prone to dirt deposits not only affect equipment performance, but also corrosion of equipment, pose a security risk. In response to this phenomenon, Zhuhai detection in October 2010 approved by the General Administration of quality supervision of project, named by complexing Colorimetric detection technology in study on application of pressure equipment corrosion technology research projects. After 3 years of trial and error, establish a complete database, found a scientific rational method for corrosion, fouling and cleaning of equipment.
According to reports, the technique can reduce the corrosion of equipment and reducing the number of boiler chemical cleaning, further improving safety, saving cost of doing business, are important. Since began to study to date, detection of Zhuhai have taken advantage of this technology and has guided three companies inside...


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