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Ethnicity Notes

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Jireh Johnson
Period 6

AP Human Geography Chapter 7: Ethnicity Notes

Key Issue 1: Where are ethnic groups distributed in the USA?
  1. Ethnic indicates nationality
        A. Ethnic group – A group of people sharing a common ancestry as well as cultural traditions of a particular homeland or hearth
          1). Nationality – “To have been born in a particular” and to identity with a group of people who share legal attachment and personal allegiance to a particular country
          2). Nationalism – Loyalty and devotion to a nationality
          3). State – An area organized into a political unit and where the government is recognized internationally
          4). Nation-State – Ethnicity and politics coincide – rare, e.g. – Denmark, but Denmark also controls Greenland
        B. Many times ethnic groups may be minorities living with larger populations
  2. In USA, 2 major ethnic groups are Afro-Americans (12%) and Hispanic (9%)
  3. Next largest ethnic groups are Asian-American (3%) and American Indians (1%)
  4. Regional clustering of ethnic groups in USA
        A. Afro-Americans – SE USA because brought here as slaves
        B. Hispanics – SW USA because it is closest to Middle America
        C. Asians – Alaska and Hawaii – also closest to homelands
        D. American Indians – Alaska, SW USA and Plains because the European Americans drove them off their native lands
  5. Ethnic groups tend to cluster in cities also
        A. Detroit, Michigan is 76% Afro-American, but Michigan is only 6% Afro-American
        B. Ethnic groups also tend to cluster in neighborhoods
          1). Many neighborhoods originally built by European immigrants
          2). In some areas different ethnic groups living close together causes conflict
  6. African – Americans
        A. 3 major migration patterns
          1). 18th century – Africans brought in as slaves
          a). First slaves came to Jamestown, VA...


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