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Notes for History 2057 All Year

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Reconstruction, Westward Expansion,
and Industrialization

Mending a Divided Nation: Reconstruction, 1865-1877

Goals of Reconstruction:
1. Reunify the nation
2. Figure out what to do with the freed slaves

I. Abraham Lincoln and Reconstruction
During the course of the war, Lincoln began developing a policy to readmit southern nations as easily and quickly as possible
Wanted former confederates to take an oath of allegiance
Once they take the oath (only needed 1/10), they could then form a new nation
Oath was: Abolish slavery, repudiate the idea of succession (Louisiana was the first to be readmitted)
Did not require the readmitted states to recognize the rights of freed slaves
Lincoln assassinated, Johnson made President (develops his own policy)

II. Andrew Johnson and Reconstruction
Southerner by birth, opposed succession, anti-aristocratic
His policy was surprisingly more lenient
Appointed provisional governors for those states who had not yet been readmitted
The only people who were active in reorganization were those who were allowed to vote
The rest of the states were readmitted by 1866
A. Thirteenth Amendment: Abolished slavery
Congress troubled by:
“black codes”
Prohibited African-Americans from: right of citizenship, vote, owning of property
Population of southern states increased because freed slaves were now being counted as actual people
Congress decides to not allow southern states into congress. Made their own version of Reconstruction (They try to beef up Freedman’s Bureau)
Freedman’s Bureau
An agency designed to help freed slaves from their transition into active members of society
Provided education, access to healthcare & jobs
Always underfunded
B. Fourteenth Amendment
Provides for the right to citizenship for African-Americans. Cannot deny citizenship due to race
Does not provide right to vote.
If it did not allow them to vote, then they were not counted in population (used to contain...


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