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The creation of myth surrounding Stalin

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Assignment 03
Part 1 Stalin

What does the source tell us about the creation of myth surrounding Stalin?

Joseph Stalin was not just a figurehead of state but a man of many contrasts. Through propaganda and oppression he made himself he made his image to be the unquestionable and if he was questioned by anyone he could and would eradicate them to protect his persona that he created. Stalin succeeded Lenin after his death and needed to set himself aside from Lenin, he cold not just continue after Lenin died but he needed to be different. However extreme his actions where.
It was well known the distrust Lenin had for Stalin he often referred to him as a bully and he didn't want him as a successor and was greatly in favor of Trotsky, Stalin was well aware of this and this may of pushed him to even his more extreme ways.
Myths surrounding Stalin in the most basic form where formed from both his propaganda where Stalin could be seen as a fatherly figure and that he was looking after his nation and by most part his controlling of external informations that he could alter.
The 17th Party congress voting was greatly altered by Stalin. The adjusted votes would of given a false verdict to what the Communist party actually wanted as a collective. Stalin was given numerous negative votes, unconfirmed over 100 but this was to be adjusted and the reported negative votes he had would later be confirmed to was 3 negative votes. Many party members where becoming more adverse to Stalin’s leadership and wanted change, this was overlooked and erased.

In the 20th Party Congress Khrushchev denounced Stalin so vehemently in this speech that there where rumors of attendees having heart attacks and even cases of people dying at such shock and even revulsion of Stalin being to plainly laid out for his true actions. Where people in such great shock because the believed the hype, the incorrect votes that where showed as truth the propaganda that had been published for years as...


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