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Finnish Economy and Society Report

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Finnish Economy and Society

  1. Finnish Economy

1.1 Key statistics of Finnish Economy
1.2 Labor force in Finland
1.3Sectors of manufacturing
1.4Main branches of industry
1.5Main imports and exports
1.6Sources of energy
1.7Finnish companies and brands
  2.   Finnish Society  
2.1 My own observations and experience of Finnish
2.2Environment during the time I living in Finland
2.3Everyday life
2.4Customs and manners
1. Finnish Economy
1. 1 Key statistics of Finnish Economy
Finland has a very strong competitive economy. Among all the sectors, service is the largest about 65.7%. After that, manufacturing and refining occupies about 31.4% in Finnish economy while primary production is 29%.
1.2 Labor force in Finland
There are about 2 678000 labor forces in Finland until October 2011 which has 1.3 percent increase while 2010 is 2644 000.

1.3Sectors of manufacturing
There are a lot of minerals in Finland; it is really big natural resources to supply the development of economy. But many mines in Finland have closed down; most of raw materials should be imported from foreign countries. Finland pays more attention to high added-value processing of metals; it is a developed method to push economy forward.
There are about 400 000 people employed in manufacturing industry. It plays an essential role in employment.
1.4 Main branches of industry
In Finland, the biggest sector of industry is electronics about 21.6%. Then machinery, vehicles and engineered metal products are amounted about 21.1 percentages. The forest industry is about 13.1 percent while chemical is 10.9 percentages.
In Finland, dairy husbandry is developed. So it is easy for us to have enough meat for dinner. Arable land area is only 9% of the total; most of the cultivation are fodder crops.

1.5 Main imports and exports
Finland’s exports are mainly machinery equipment, chemical products, metal, paper and cardboard, etc; imports are food, petroleum and...


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