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Mgg Assignment1

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Table of contents 1

  1. Introduction 2

  2. Explanation of key terms 3
      3.1 systemic assessment 3
      3.2 unique family properties 3
      3.3 symptoms 3
      3.4 sequence of interaction 3
      3.5 homeostasis 3

  3. Family properties 4
      4.6 Outer boundaries 4
      4.7 Internal boundaries 4
      4.8 Family power 5
      4.9 Family decision making 6
      4.10 Family affect 7
      4.11 Family goals 7
      4.12 Family myths and cognitive patterns 8
      4.13 Family roles 9
      4.14 Communication styles 9
      4.15 Family strengths 10

  4. Conclusion 11

  5. Bibliography 12

  1. Introduction
Family are people in your life who you may be related to by blood, marriage, or choice, often for a lifetime (yours or theirs), who you hold dear and would generally do anything to help them when needed including making personal sacrifices, and whom you generally agree to accept no matter what they do. They may be someone you see daily or infrequently but the bond remains, and stands the test of time, distance, and overrides almost any challenges.

When I was younger my family consisted of my grandparents-on my father’s side, mother, father, brother and myself. We lived on a farm far from town and my parents place of work. Due to this I was mostly raised by my grandmother and grandfather that lived on the same farm as ours but in a separate house. We were very close and had a lot of happy years on the farm. As time went by and we grew up we also grew apart, live and all it changes took a firm hold on my family. My mom and dad lost the farm in 1997 and also got a divorce that same year. My dad moved to Vanderbijlpark where he got married 6 months later. My mom together with my brother and I moved to Pretoria, closer to her work and my grandparents moved to a retirement home.

After the divorce I saw my father less and less....


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