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Autobiography of a Pen. essay

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I am the only one who can give the words of your feelings.
I am the only who can make a man to speak if he is not able to speak.
I am the only one that can awake a thousands of people at a same time, i can make your pocket attractive I am the world's most powerful weapon I am a pen.
How did I born I don't know exactly, it is a very long story but i am going to share the portion of my life with you which is the interesting one. It was a time when every body can speak well but can't store their thoughts, stories, songs, discoveries etc. Because people do not know to write. It was the period when everybody knows the language of sward know one knows the methods to express their feeling in written everyone belief on the power of sward whole of the world was burning into the fire of hate.
It was a very cloudy day , the cold wind was blowing over the world everybody was feeling happy because it was the when i took birth. now i provided the facility to the people to express their feeling in front of other, every one can write a song ,a poem a story now the world was full of joy and happiness.
This was the period in the world's history that i could given the words to the person who was unable to speak. I have created a love letter because of which the creation of famous love stories were stated. soon I will become more powerful than the sward because i can awake the whole society by writing just one impressive slogan. I can make your memories to save by you. it is a time when i m available in many forms and in many looks. If you make me your best friend I will assure you that every one become your friend and they will respect you also.I work with ink and I come in various sizesen


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