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Autobiography of a Pen

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I am a wrist watch and I was born some seventy years ago at a small town in Switzerland. In the light of one fine morning I was carried to Delhi with many of my brothers and cousins in a cargo. There I was kept in a showcase of a shop for a few days for sell.
One day a rich man came to the shop to buy a watch for himself. I was so much costly that is was not possible for everyone to afford. He chose me among my other brothers and at once wore me around his wrist.
At this, his face glittered with a bright smile of happiness. The gentleman took a great fancy to me. Gradually we began to like each other so much as to be almost regarded as inseparable friends. I remained with him for long five years.
One day, a servant of him stole me and kept me with him for a number of days. During this time he did not care to wind me and he kept me in a broken box at his house most negligently. Gradually my health and energy began to break down and I was failing to maintain actual time.
In disgust the thief decided to sell me and came to a shop for that purpose. The shopkeeper examined the watch again and again and looking at the seller's face doubtfully for some time, told him to wait for a few minutes. By this time he went to the nearby police station and told the officer in-charge of his doubt. The officer in-charge sent a constable with him to arrest the thief.
I had to remain in the police custody for a few days during his trial. My lawful owner's name and address was known from his servant. When my friend, the rich man got back his most lovable thing, his delight was more than any language can express. Since then I have been living with him with peace and pleasure.


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