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I Am a Pen

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I am a pen
One single I branded pens Pilot. I was born in a stationery factory of the famous Pilot in Malacca. My body dark red. My blood is red.
                 After I checked, I was put in a box. My body is wrapped with a piece of plastic. Then, me and my friends put in a truck to be sent to a hardware store. On the way, I was acquainted with many new friends of different brands like Kilometrico, Faber Castell, Luna, Pappermate, Pelikan and others. The trip takes two hours to reach the destination.
                 As soon as we arrived at a hardware store. I continue to be on display together with other items. I was placed in the glass closet along with branded pens from abroad. In Britain, I have met more new friends. One day a woman named Linda came membeliku. Apparently Linda is a teacher.
                 Linda always took me to school. I used to mark books training students. Linda a dedicated teacher and generous. When his colleagues will need a pen, Linda would lend me to them. I commend her for all the blood merahku bright and easy to use. Similarly, Linda. He is very fond of me. Linda take care of me very well. Every time after I use, I will kept.
                 Eventually my blood began to dry. I can not work anymore. Linda was upset because I was not able to serve again. However, Linda has been keeping me well in a pencil container. I feel proud to have a good-hearted owner Linda. Linda had king now has a new pen.


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