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Discrimination - 1

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So, it was our first Theory of Knowledge in school and we played a kind of game about different types of people in our society and how they are treated by others. How do they feel being different? Does being special make them feel move a step back in having all the rights as others in today’s society? So here I would like to express my opinion about discrimination in today’s world.
In today’s society every person is labelled. People nowadays act like being different is a crime, like an act against society. People are probably just so much uncomfortable with themselves that the find it necessary to harass other people for their difference. Just because a person doesn’t fit into another person’s idea of how they should be, that shouldn’t give them the right to label people.
When it comes to discrimination the first thing we think is Racism (Racial discrimination). What is black? Black is not a race or culture, it is a colour and we human beings shouldn’t downgrade ourselves as being called a colour. We shouldn’t allow anyone to call us a colour when it comes to race. Is racial discrimination the only discrimination the people are going through? No, it’s not. It is actually more than that. Women are discriminated in some areas of day to day life. It varies in different countries.It is because of people’s thinking. Not only sports but also like in religion, education and occupation. Women can do it too. Women should also be treated equal to men.
Hate against someone for being homosexual, bisexual or Transgender. You do not have any control over your sexual orientation. In some places of the world, it is punishable by death. In other places it is legal for two people of the same gender to get married. The opinions vary and many people think it is not an issue but it is and due to this discrimination people are led to kill themselves most of the time.
Everywhere we look, we see people discriminating against another religion. It is just like bullying and you can’t...


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