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Fahrenheit 451 -1

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Through reading Fahrenheit 451 Clarisse and Mildred were two of the important characters. Both of which had connections to Montag and ended up influencing him as a person. First is Mildred Montag, she and Guy Montag married each other at twenty years old and now live an unhappy marriage. Mildred is only thirty years old yet seems older; she is a very sickly looking person. She ultimately has no hope in resolving any problems within herself.
Mildred is a very cold and mindless lady; she also lives a very materialistic and robotic lifestyle. She has an obsession with television, and an attachment to the soap opera family she watches. This obsession is the only way to avoid facing her life and the family distracts her from her real feelings and leads her to nearly suicide from a drug overdose. This suicide attempt is even more proof that Mildred is in pain, and she even denies the attempt as a whole. Although we do not know Mildred that well, we do know that she is very cold, distant and unreadable. She has no emotion and no intellectual or spiritual substance.
Mildred does not understand her husband, Guy Montag, and never tries to. She refuses to have a conversation with him about their marriage or her feelings. She then betrays her husband and flees their marriage while mourning over the loss of her television soap opera family. Mildred is unchanged when her poisoned blood is replaced by the electric eyed snake machine. The author, Ray Bradbury, uses the symbol of blood and the snake machine to show how corrupted Mildred really is inside and the misery and self-hatred within her. Her poisoned replaced blood signifies the empty life-less ness of Mildred. Also, Mildred’s white-powdered face, colorless lips, and stiff body foreshadow the corpse she soon becomes.
Clarisse McClellan is much the opposite of Mildred. Clarisse is a beautiful, young seventeen year old girl. Unlike Mildred, Clarisse loves life and nature, she is also very aware of her surroundings....


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