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Yifan Suggests How to Choose Impact Crusher

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  YIFAN Suggests How to Choose Impact Crusher
  Breaking ore is usually proceeding in the crusher. There are many kinds of crushers, but Jaw Crusher and Impact crusher are commonly used in the metal mining. Ore crusher and Stone crusher have also been applied in our country, but in general, the number was small. The jaw crusher and impact crusher are rotary cylinder with hollow shaft at both ends, and there are considerable number of steel bars and steel balls in the cylinder.
  Impact Crusher
  The working principle of the impact crusher: Ore and water access the cylinder from one end of the hollow shaft, and discharged from the other side of the hollow shaft. When cylinder spins according to the prescribed speed, the ball (or steel bars) with the ore together, under the role of the centrifugal force and friction with the cylinder elevates to a certain height, and then out of the tube wall and sliding down. Then they rose with the cylinder to the same height again and came down cyclic, so ore crushed under the effect of impact and grind. The crushed ore with water form slurry which discharged from the hollow shaft of the row of ore side and then completed the crushing operations.
  Crush continues the ore crushing process and become the last process before ore separation. Crushing operations task is to take useful constituent completely or basically reached monomer separation, while at the same time if possible, avoiding excessive grind, provide the sorting operations appropriate particle size and concentration of selected ore pulp, and create the conditions for better recovery of useful component in ore. The sorting index is good or bad largely depends on the crush quality of the product. Therefore, the crush products should meet the different requirements on beneficiation methods in particle size to ensure that we can get the high quality concentrate and full recovery of useful minerals.
  If the crusher fineness is not enough, a variety of mineral...


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