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What Can I Do to Recycle My Waste and E-Waste at Home?

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What can I do to recycle my waste and e-waste at home?


A sustainable development is development which maintains the resources to benefit people presently and for future generation needs. Therefore recycling is a form of sustaining the resources and our environment. This essay will be discussing the ways which the writer can do to recycle waste and e-waste at home.The essay will be divided into two parts. The first part will deal with what the writer knows about recycle and the second part will deal with what the writer should do to recycle the waste that the writer generated within her household. Moreover, the essay willconclude by emphasizing the writer’smain points and providing recommendations towards recycling garbage and e-waste at home.  

Recycling is to re-use potential waste material and reduce waste in the environment. To recycle is to use waste material into something useful or for new or similar product.Recycling is a way to prevent pollution (air pollution, water pollution and soil pollution) such as incinerations and landfills; and to prevent waste of material which is useful (Roper 2012: internet source). Therefore, it is important to recycle our resources by doing so we will be able to accumulate more resources for ourselves and the future generation. Recycling is a way of re-using the waste material for same use or for something completely different from its original function, for example plastic bags are used to carry products but when it is nolonger stronger it can be used to make plastic hats, matt and bags, which, one can sell them to make a living out of it.

There are various kinds of information available about recycling which are made visible to the public through different forms of media for example television adverts about recycling. The information that is available about recycling is that it can help people and save the environment as well for future generation such as: recycling will help to reduce level of global...


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