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Edgar Allen Poe Stylized Essay

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A monster. During the tale; truthful in every word, of which I am about to pen, I shall make frequent illusions to how ashamed I am of my actions, which has led to the inevitable conclusion of my life. These however shall be illusions.   I do not solicit mercy for myself, nor belief in my account. Upon my death, these words shall be final. My final wishes. An insight as to how tangled my web has become.
I await my sentence, sat amongst the shadows of my prison cell. Staring into the darkness. Time has little meaning to me. Day upon day have I sat here; a prisoner lost in my own memories. My pernicious sins, however immoral, cannot be regretted. For I have lived more in these past few years than ever before. Bitterness, resentment, neither holds a place in my shaded soul.
I shall be hung tomorrow- so today I write. My legacy shall not be repressed, I promise you that. The darkest deeds I have committed will burn with me in Hell; but I intend not to disappoint you, dearest reader. For I shall shake hands with the angel in Hell; my arch-fiend. This angel I speak of; the man who led me to my destiny.
Angels, I believe, exist. For I am the devil in human counterparts. If such a nefarious creature should breathe and subsist, angels must surely rise to combat this rising terror. This is precisely what He wished to do.
To say, once more, than I apologise for what I am would be yet another sin. My tale shall be written down for all to inspect and live through my eyes.
I am a spider-- a spider at the centre of a web-- a criminal web with a thousand threads; I know precisely how each and every one of them dances. This is how I weave my story for you.
The fall of the angel commences; every fairy tale needs an old fashioned villain-- I do so believe I deserve to be defined as such!
It began with the selfless act of a father. Dear Lord-- not myself by any means! A father, of whom I employed to execute my plans of murder. I do not...


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