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After reading the article “Youth Forum for Transparency” I found it interesting that young people were coming together to speak on ideas how to better their country Tegucigalpa against transparency. It’s rare that you would find young people come together to make a change, which is why this article stood out to me. My question to the youth would be, When did they decide it was time to come together to better their country? How do they plan on getting everyone to participate into the national budget? And how would they get those who are not willing to learn to get educated? My only issue I have about the post is, because they are young, will older people actually listen to their proposed change to the policies that are affecting their lives directly.
Another article I found interesting was “What Climate Change and Corruption Mean for Land Security” because as climate change, population growth and other factors increases the pressure on the planet, which having an effect on our island. Lakes and rivers are taking over, which soon people will not be able to live or work on. Because of the added strain, people are taking bribe-paying which it illegal. “In 1977, Congress passed the Foreign Corrupt Practice Act, which prohibits U.S. businesspersons from bribing foreign officials to secure advantageous contracts (Miller & Hollowell, 2011)”. If caught, I would take them to court because they have violated the Foreign Corrupt Practice Act, by bribe-paying on land that’s appropriated.

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