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Importance of Gandhi Ji’s Principles in Today’s World

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“Gandhism” – the ism that germinated in Nineteenth century from the soils of a tiny field of                                             Porebander in Gujarat - India is now sheltering almost every other ism in today’s world – the world which has totally revolutionized and changed manifolds since then and seen changing of many isms like weathers.  Now to wander whether this Gandhism is of any importance in today’s World? is quite laughable.
   The chemistry of soils, the world’s physique and the shape of the continents has                      changed since then.  The dynasties have emerged and vanished, the living have become extinct and new breeds have evolved but the Golden Principles of “Peace and Non-violence” preached by that lean & thin body with a strong soul – The Satyagrehi Bapu has not faded a shade.
If at all anything has changed – Shape of the tyrant has changed, the struggle has changed, the war field has changed, the values have changed.  If anything has remained unchanged, it is the simple but most strategic point of Gandhism, his values and his techniques.
It started with a challenge to Imperialism about its slaveries, It became a challenge for the Nazism, It became a challenge for National dividers and now it is needed to fight the slavery of our egoistic minds. Since then – Till today it is fighting the forces that tend to make us slaves and is fighting them in the most effective manner.       

Now, What is Gandhism? OR What did he preach?  This colossal question has a very thin and very humble answer. The Gandhism is to fight against the negative forces with a blunt weapon of PEACE which is not a theory or saying alone. 

But, it is a complete ANGER MANAGEMENT SYSTEM in itself.
PEACE IS PLEASURE - The First & Foremost human requirement.

PEACE IS ETERNITY  -  The First condition towards Genuity of that Pleasure.

PEACE IS AESTHETIC - Purity that is Eternally Pleasure full.

PEACE IS COMMON   -  Aesthetics for Common cause can only...


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