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High Quality and Credit Is First Choice to Ball Mill

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Use the tailings as the filling materials in the goaf when the underground mine is mined, which is also called sand filling or cement filling aggregates. The ideal filling technology is the whole tailing filling technology, but it is still under test. During the production,people usually use the coarse parts in the tailings to fill the goaf. After the tailings are discharged, they are classified during the tailing production stage. Artificial sand is widely used in road construction, concrete industry, etc. As the field of industry application gradually expanded, the gradual application of natural sand work more and failed to keep pace with the various sectors of modern world development needs. In the process of sand production, sand making and stone crushing equipment is necessary. The raw materials mainly are granite, limestone, basalt, pebbles etc, through a series of crushing and screening equipment in order to reach required level.Sand making machine manufacturing industry in China is currently very popular, Hongxing products installed grabbed sand making machine to achieve the best results, use the best technology.Sand making machine is a new type of device from early single-stage sand making equipment improvements strengthen, perfect solution early Sand crushing wet material difficult problem, because the current two-stage Sand abandon the old-fashioned sand making broughtthe end of the screen and grate, broken high humidity materials ensure percentile.There is old saying that: One hundred times crushing will not blocked, and discharge size can be adjusted freely, is currently the most perfect sand making machine Sand lumen hammer clearance. Dual-class sand making very unique design and maintenance is also very convenient, only one person to complete the maintenance operations, up and down the high-speed dual-stage rotor hit material faster and more thoroughly so that the material and sand control, production is more prominent, especially for high hardness...


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