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Marriage, (Marital Rape)

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Title Of Assignment; Marriage

Marital Rape
For   a long   time,   spousal   rape   was   not   considered   a   bad   thing   as   it   was   assumed   that   the   husband   had   a   right   to   sleep   with   his   wife   since   they   were   already married.   Marital   rape   is   a   global   occurrence   but   many   choose   to   ignore   it   due   to   the   conjugal   rights   afforded   to   the husband.   The   sphere   of   thought   is   that the   man   is   superior   in   many   ways   to   the   woman   in   a   relationship   so   the   woman   in   the relationship   hence   the   woman   ears   the   runt   of   spousal   rape   in   the   marriage.   There   have   been   very   minimal   cases   of   the   wife   sexually   assaulting   the   husband   reported   to   date.   There   has   een   a   concerted   efforts   by   women   rights   groups   to   give   women   equal   rights   to men.   This   has   worked   to   some   extent   but   due   to   the   varying   cultural   identities   in   this   world,   this   initiative   has been   received   differently   over   different   cultures.
In   cultures   like   the   African   culture,   patriarchy   remains   unchallenged   partially   due   to   the   existence   of   the   African   customary   law.   Customary law   in Africa   seems   to   enjoy   a   certain   prevalence   as   a   source   of   law.   Whereas   it   is   assumed   that   when   people   get   married,   they   are free   to   engage   in   sexual   intercourse   any time   they   want,   it   is   important   to realize   that   the   dignity   of   a   person   is   supposed   to   be   respected.   When   the   husand   demands   for   sex   from   his   wife,   he   is   having   the   priviledge   of enjoying   the   sexual act   in   exclusion   of   his   wife’s   feelings.   Most   countries   in the   Americas   and   Europe   now   view   spousal   rape   as   a   criminal   act   but   in   Africa,   only   two   countries,   South   Africa   and   Zimbabwe,   both   in   the   southern   part   of   Africa, have   laws   protecting   wives   from   spousal   rape.   This   is   a sad   statistic...


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