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Research Eating Disorders

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The media is an important aspect of life in our culture. According to (“The media and Eating Disorders”) about 95% of people own a TV set and watch for an average of 3-4 hours per day. By the end of the last century over 60% of men and 50% of women read a newspaper each day and nearly half of all girls, from the age of 7 read a girls magazine each week. Media has a great influenced in society even though it is difficult in a society where myths are created and currently speculation people falling in diseases and disorders related to self-esteem, image and fashion. In recent years body image has taken a huge boom in modern societies, many of which have created a whole subculture based on perception and the importance of the ideal image. The media and social pressure are some of the factors that have influenced people to follow an ideal image that often is impossible or difficult to reach. Body image includes multiple dimensions such as perception, attitudes, behavior, emotions, body distortion and body dissatisfaction.
Media constantly shows models and beauty prototypes for both women and man, where thinness is common. “There is no doubt that the ideal body size, as reflected in the style icons promoted in the media, is getting thinner.” (Ojeda).   Moreover, Social factors, where we see the influence of advertising, fashion and television, create prototypes of a socially acceptable figure flag use as models of famous artists and celebrities. “The perception that celebrities stay so skinny so effortlessly not only increases the pressure on ordinary people, but it also increases pressure on their peer group. (Louw). In addition it is estimated that most of society is affected by young women. “The ‘thin ideal’ is the half's glamorized portrayal of extremely thin women. While this phenomenon primarily affects women between the ages of 18 and 25” (Nature versus Nurture: The Media’s Effect on Body Image). It is undeniable that today's society is living in a total and...


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