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Empirical Analysis of the Impact of Information Logistics Performance Management of Retail Firms

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Summary of an Empirical Analysis of the Impact of Information Systems in Logistics Performance Management of Retail Firms:
Carolyn I. Pingleton
Tarleton State University

Author Note
I attest that this document is an original creation submitted in accordance with the requirements for “Empirical Study Review” in CIS 511 during the Summer 2013 academic term.
I posted the full citation for an empirical study that was recently published in a peer-reviewed journal on a subject related to managing information systems to the appropriate Blackboard Discussion Board Forum for “Empirical Study Review” on June 16, 2013.
I submitted a draft of this document to Team 6 on June 26, 2013 for feedback using the following Blackboard Tool: File Exchange Blackboard Collaborate.
I submitted a draft of this document to Anne Pingleton on June 27, 2013 for feedback. This external reviewer can be contacted at 254-592-3736 and Freak_97@hotmail.com.


This report summarizes the research compiled by a joint team of associates at the Chulalongkorn University, Thailand   on the effects of adopting information systems as a component for making the association between suppliers, warehouses, and customers a improved experience. This summary will discuss the reasons for the study, the methodologies used, the results, and the implications for future studies.
Keywords: impact, information systems, performance management

Transaction-processing systems are designed to handle a large volume of routine, recurring transactions and are used widely today. Banks use them to record deposits and payments into accounts. Supermarkets use them to record sales and track inventory. Managers often use these systems to deal with such tasks as payroll, customer billing and payments to suppliers. Varanya Tilokavichai, Peraphon Sophatsathit, and Achara Chandrachai, three members of a joint team at Chulalongkorn University of Thailand wanted to see if the adoption of information systems like...


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