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Abrasion-Proof Materials of Crushing Equipment Have Long History

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When it comes to the mining industry, mining machinery is always a hot topic.   Crushing equipment, screening equipment and beneficiation equipment are three main parts in mining machinery industry, of which crushing equipment are the biggest one.   Here will we talk about the history of crushing equipment’s abrasion-proof materials.

Through production test, with the development of wear-resistant alloy parts service life is comparable to imported products, can replace imported accessories. With the development of crushing machinery industry, heels more and more problems, such as broken expand and equipment durability requirements, in the field of the continuous development of industry put forward higher requirements for wear resistant materials. Appeared around 1930 hard nickel cast iron, hardness can reach HRC55-60, as the second generation of wear-resisting material, because is too brittle, so can only produce small parts, such as sand washing machine of the spiral blade plate, etc., and the nickel is expensive, therefore, used very little.

Has always been the development of the crusher is the support of the application of new wear-resistant material. First proposed in 1882, high manganese steel after water toughening treatment, under the high impact load and high compressive stress due to organization change such as twin deformation of surface work hardening, micro hardness reaches HV750, while the core is still kept good impact toughness.

Jaw crusher tooth plate, used in dynamic cone, cone, cone hammer hammer head, known as the first generation of wear resistant materials. It is not adapt to the low impact load or stress. Shanghai world nation based on the two aspects of product technology and quality, material gradually update of production equipment. In order to make the introduction of equipment accessories based on domestic, wear-resistant parts inside the machine we made repeated research and trial production.

Appears in a few years later than...


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