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Indoor vs Outdoor Games

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Indoor Vs Outdoor Play - Video Games Vs Wooden Swing Sets
By Jennifer Boris
While many kids may want to stay inside and play video games all summer rather than running around on wooden swing sets, it is not advantageous for them to do so. With the rate of childhood obesity on the rise and many younger children being diagnosed with diabetes, it is in your child's best interest to get a good and healthy amount of exercise a day. Residential swingsets placed in your own backyard are the perfect playground for your children to get their daily cardio workout while having fun and a blast with their friends at the same time. Your children will have so much fun on these great wood playsets that they won't even realize they are exercising.
While video games do help fine tune small motor skills and help develop great hand eye coordination, they are often detrimental to children because they get very into the game which often results in them playing the games for too long at a time. While it is certainly okay to play video games, most children play for 4 to 5 hours in one setting, which is not good. One of the reasons is while they play, they are often sedentary and not moving around. It is not good to sit in one position for too long without moving around and stretching. Also, playing for that long can cause undue strain on the eyes.
A much better alternative to the video game addiction is to play outdoors on wooden swing sets. Many of today's residential swingsets come decked out with all the bells and whistles. For instance, many children love playing on the rock climbing walls and mountain climbing walls that are available on some wood playsets. This activity increases their arm and leg strength and their flexibility while providing great fun. Also, the monkey bars that come on wood playsets are a great workout for little ones. They will love trying to challenge themselves every time they play to get across all of the bars. Climbing up to the fort on top of wooden...


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