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Making Full Use of Mineral Resources in Hongxing Crushers

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Main advantages: simple structure, compact and lightweight, low machine body, low cost, reliable working condition, easy to adjust and can crush the wet and sticky materials.When the content of the soluble copper in the ore stone is low, the cyanide consumption can be increased if the economic situation can afford to. The operation should be done in the low temperature and the low cyanogens quality score because the dissolution rate of copper will notably increase with temperature and the mass fraction of cyanide increasing. In production, in order to control the dissolution rate of copper, subsection dosing and sub-slot dosing are adopted to keep a suitable mass fraction of cyanide in every slot. The copper leaching residue whose copper content is reduced will be cyaniding and the gold will be collected. This method also can be used for processing the fine power that contains copper and gold. According to the user”s special demands, Hongxing Machinery provides the project design, process design and purchase program design.The gold recovery should be guaranteed and at the same time, the cyanide consumption should be reduced as low as possible. When the copper content in the ore is higher(such as more than 0.3%) and the cyanide consumption is so high that the economic cost is not worthwhile, the floatation can be adopted at the present. some qualified copper concentrates are selected and then tailings are cyaniding to get the gold.Among the gold ore, the copper ore accretes with the gold ore and this gold ore is called copper gold ore. In these copper ores, except a few little copper mine such as chalcopyrite and chrysocolla, most of copper mine, for example, malachite, chessylite and chalcocite, have high solubility in the cyanide solution. When the gold lixiviates through cyaniding, these copper mine with high solubility in the cyanide solution, will scramble for the cyanide and oxygen with the gold so that the dissolution of the gold will be hampered. So...


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