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The Day When Every Thing When Wrong

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The Day When Everything Went Wrong

Write an account of a day when everything went wrong.

Father is with the army. He had been away for months in Bosnia-Herzegovina on a mission. All of us missed him terribly. Finally, we heard that he was coming home. We planned a special welcome for him.
The special day was a Saturday. We got up early to help with the preparations. Each of us was given a task. I was in charge of decorations since I was good at art. My sister helped my mother with the cooking. My two brothers tidied up the living and dining rooms and the compound.

Suddenly, someone screamed from the kitchen. `The taps are dry!' That must have been my sister. My mother appeared, looking dismayed. Having no water on a day like this was most unfortunate. There was still a lot of cooking and washing to be done. We checked with the neighbours -- their taps were dry too. My grandfather tried to telephone the water department but there was no answer. So we had no idea whether the water cut was for a short period of time or not.

Mother had no choice but to leave the food uncooked and the dishes unwashed. We decided to finish the decorating and cleaning up. But it was difficult not having water to wash after dusting, mopping and

My older brother was sent to buy bottled water and our lunches. He said jokingly, 'Father might decide to return to Bosnia when he sees the state of our house.' After my brother came home, it started to rain
heavily. Mother was now really worried. So was Grandfather. We did not want Father to arrive in bad weather.

Then the fans stopped. We now had no water and no electricity. No actually, we did have water - it was coming through a leak in the roof above the dining table! The boys moved the table and we placed a huge bucket underneath the leak.

We were so busy that we forgot the time. It was Grandfather who pointed out that Father's plane had already arrived. This time, Mother screamed. It was then that the...


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