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Anything for dinner?
Some of this public and political attention
has been sporadic, but it is justied. An era
of cheap food has come to an end. A com-
on of factorsri
ng demand i
n Indi
and China, a dietary shift away from cere-
als towards meat and vegetables, the in-
creasing use of maize as a fuel, and devel-
opments outside agriculture, such as the
fall in the dollarhave brought to a close a
period starting in the early 1970s in which
the real price of staple crops (rice, wheat
and maize) fell year after year.  
This has come as a shock. By the 1990s
most agr
cultural problems seemed to
have been solved. Yields were rising, pests
appeared under control and fert
were replenishing tired soil. The exciting
areas of research in life sciences were no
longer plants but things like
The end of the era of cheap food has co-
ded with growing concern about the
prospects of feedi
ng the world. Around the
turn of 2011-12 the global populati
on i
s fore-
cast to rise to 7 billion, stirring Malthusian
fears. The pr
ce r
ses have once aga
plunged into poverty millions of people
who spend more than half their income
on food. The numbers of those below the
poverty level of $1.25 a day
, whi
ch had
been falling consistently in the 1990s, rose
sharply in 2007-08. That seems to suggest
that the world cannot even feed its current
population, let alone the 9 bi
on expected
by 2050. Adding further to the concerns is
climate change, of whi
ch agri
culture i
both cause and victim. So how will the
world cope in the next four decades?
That question forms the backbone of
this special report. The answer to it cannot
be a strai
ghtforward techni
cal or bi
one because food i
s basi
c to li
fe. In the
Maya creati
on myth, the rst humans were
made of maize dough. In the slang of Ma-
rathi, a language of west central India, the
man on the street


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