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L’approfondimento che segue si basa sull’analisi e sul confronto di 2 opere molto importanti: il romanzo “Heart of darkness” di Joseph Conrad, e il film “Cuore di Tenebra” di Francis Ford Coppola.
Mi occuperò di analizzare il baground delle due opere e il rapporto tra esse, per poi focalizzarmi sul livello politico, ma soprattutto psicologico-conoscitivo, e su come interessa i protagonisti sia del romanzo che del film.
Infine proporrò le diverse soluzioni adottate da Francis Ford Coppola per il finale di Apocalypse now.


Joseph Conrad was born in Ukraine in 1857 and 20 years later found employment with several French vessels.
He became captain of a Congo steamboat in 1890.
Congo had caused a profound effect on his emotional health and in 1894,Conrad   gave up the sea and he decided on a literary career.
“Heart of Darkness”, which was originally published on “Blackwood magazine” in 1899, became a novel in 1902, included in the volume “youth”.
In 1897 Conrad wrote about his experiences in Congo in the novel "An Outpost of Progress",published in the magazine Cosmopolis.
“Heart of Darkness” is an anti-racist and anti-imperialist novel that was partly inspired by the English   campain agaist Leopold II colonial policy, but also anticipated it.
In spite of that, Conrad doesn't provide historical or geographical reference, including the Congo river’s name and Bruxelles, to satirize the whole "conquer of the world".

“Apocalypse now” is basically inspired by “Heart of Darkness” but it deals with the Vietnam war of 1969, another important historical event that involved United States for 20 years
The movie was released in 1979 and the screenplay was written by John Milnius and Francis Ford Coppola.
The two main characters, Willard and Kurtz, are played by Martin Sheen (Willard) and Marlon Brando (Kurtz).
In 1980 the movie won 2 oscar prizes for the best cinematography and the best sound, and the Palme D’or at...


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