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It Auditing Assignment

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1. Describe briefly the spirit and rationale of the “Fair Information Practices (FIP)” that discussed in class. (20 marks)

FIP (Fair Information Practices) is a general term for a set of standards governing the collection and use of personal data and addressing issues of privacy and accuracy. And FTC Fair Information Practice Principles are the result of the Commission's inquiry into the manners in which online entities collect and use personal information and safeguards to assure that practice is fair and provides adequate information privacy protection.
The core principles of privacy addressed by these principles are:

  1. Notice and Awareness
Customer should have right to know the related organizations’ information practice before their personal information being collected.   This requires that companies explicitly notify of some or all of the following:
  * Identification of the entity collecting the data;
  * Identification of the uses to which the data will be put;
  * Identification of any potential recipients of the data;
  * The nature of the data collected and the means by which it is collected;
  * Whether the provision of the requested data is voluntary or required;
  * The steps taken by the data collector to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and quality of the data.

  2. Choice and Consent
This point means giving consumers options to control how their data is used. Specifically, choice relates to secondary uses of information beyond the immediate needs of the information collector to complete the consumer's transaction.

  3. Access and Participation
Consumers have ability to view the data collected but also to verify and contest its accuracy. Additionally, this access must be economic and timely.

  4. Integrity and Security
Collected data should be accurate and safe. Information collectors can improve the integrity of data by cross-referencing it with only reputable databases and by providing access for the...


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