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There are a range of problems that human service clients may face. Problems typically indicate that the client is experiencing some distress. With clients, problems are rarely single issues. This is why professionals should approach each client as uniquely as possible. When dealing with problem solving you must determine whether it is a short term problem or a long term problem. After you determine if the problem is short term or long term you must discuss the problem, solutions are then formulated and the results are evaluated.
Situational Perspective
A situational perspective is a type of problem that results in accidents, violent crimes, natural disasters and any other major life changes. Any individual that may experience a major change in their life usually is in a particular place at a particular time. When these types of problems occur, it does not mean that the individual has caused them or has done anything to contribute to them. It is difficult to link a situational problem with an event because the event could be tied in with a more complex situation.
Meeting human needs
A productive way of defining individual’s problems would be to identify the human’s basic needs. Abraham Maslow came up with a helpful way to the problem identification process. Maslow developed the hierarchy of needs. The hierarchy of needs consists of self-actualization, esteem needs, social needs, safety needs and physiological needs. Self- actualization is when an individual realizes their full potential. Esteem needs is when an individual has achievement, independence, and has managerial responsibility.   Social needs is when an individual feels belongingness and love. Safety needs stems from protection, security, law, limits and stability. Physiological needs stems from air, food, drink, warmth, sex and sleep. Maslow’s hierarchy begins with basic needs of a human and ends with individuals becoming self-actualized. With humans if we are hungry, cold, or even in a life threatening...


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