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Qetf/013 Basic Mathematics and Science Used in Engineering

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QETF/013 Basic mathematics and science used in engineering

Credit Value 5 QCF Level 1 GLH 40

                            Learner pack

Unit purpose/aims

This unit is intended to enable you to understand how mathematics and science are used in solving engineering problems. The mathematics and science within the learning outcomes of this unit are intended to be relevant to the content of the optional units and should be taught alongside wherever possible.

This unit involves the use of tools, equipment or machinery and as such must be delivered in a secure and safe environment; learners must be supervised at all times by competent and qualified staff to ensure their safety. All tools, equipment or machinery must be maintained and presented in a safe and fit state for use.

The higher risk activities within this unit require safeguarding at all times.

Summary of learning outcomes

You will:

13.1 Demonstrate how mathematics is applied in solving engineering problems

13.2 Demonstrate how science is applied in solving engineering problems

Assessment requirements

This unit contains optional assessment applicable to both electrical and mechanical science.

You should complete assessment 13.2 Engineering Mathematics and one from 13.2a Electrical Science and
13.2b Mechanical Science.

It is strongly recommended that all learning outcome content be taught irrespective of the task chosen.
WHY   are   we doing   this?
    • To demonstrate knowledge of the engineering application of mathematics

WHAT do we need?
    • A calculator
    • Pen/pencil and paper
    • Squared paper
    • Protractor and compasses

HOW   do we make a start?
Observe health and safety procedures at all times.

Engineering   Mathematics
The Road Roller pictured above has a front roll of 1.3m diameter by 1.7m long and two rear wheels each of 2.6m diameter.

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