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Idk About Life 101

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The next four years of my life should consist of one graduating
high school, graduating college, getting a job, getting married and
starting a family.

    I'm going to graduate with a pretty good GPA of 3.5 from hight
school from Coral Glades. If it is possible, I'm hoping of getting a
scholarship of some kind. If not I have a prepaid college program set
up so I can go either way. I hope to attend a good college. I'm aiming
for Johnson and Wales in Providence, Rhode Island. I chose j&w because
they   have an amazing business program that I could attend also
because I want to mastering something in business from a good school
such as j&w college

    I plan to start college right after high school. I plan to major
in business or criminal justice but I most likely will take business
at Johnson and Wales. I want to become a cop and if it does not work
out the way i plain to, I could also open a business. If I was to take
either of the two, they both will take approximately four years to
earn my Bachelor's degree in either Business or Criminal Justice.I
want to join a fraternity or some sort and party hard. I'm going to
hopefully get an amazing job after college like a police officer or a
detective I want pursue these careers because they are what I wanted
to do since I was able to crawl most people say no that's dumb but its
the only way I wanna make a difference in the world that or the
military but my first choice is to succeed my dream job and an law
enforcement officer

    I would like to live in an apartment with my amazing girlfriend
Lyndsey. I will have a clean place to live and food to eat, but mostly
because I love being around her, she's my best friend. I hope to get
married to her. I want to have a big wedding and a wedding that is
perfect for her cause I love her smile, its amazing it could light the
world at night! She's a definitely a one of a kind. She would like a
wedding in a big red barn most girls want it on the...


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