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The Role of Schools in National Policies

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Case study:

The role of schools in national policies

St Mark’s Secondary School has been contacted by the DfE, as it is trialling a fresh community programme to encourage schools from a range of rural areas to develop wider community and diversity links.   The school will then be asked to return a report, which will form the basis of a new national policy for schools.   The school does not have to take part but is considering whether to do so.
  * What do you think the benefits might be for the school and for the community?
Taking part in programmes set up by the DfE who through their every child matters inactive aim to look into new ways of developing the quality of services available to children by aiming to ensure that the children:
  * Be healthy
  * Stay safe
  * Enjoy and achieve
  * Make a positive contribution
  * Achieve economic well being
Will be beneficial for the school as the DfE state that these outcomes are key to well being in childhood and later life, showing that the school are working from national policies which relate to children, young people and families will reflect well on them.
They set out a national framework for local programmes of change to be led by authorities and their partners to enable this development.   These programmes along with strategies such as the 2020 children and young people’s workforce   all aim to achieve the governments ambition for this country to be the best country for children and young people to grow up in, those who work or volunteer with children and young people are crucial to achieving this.
In order to achieve a better workforce the strategy looks at:
  * Leadership and management
  * Recruitment
  * Partnerships with children, young people, parents/carers and each other
  * Qualifications, training and progression routes
  * Supporting those children who are most vulnerable
  * Developing a knowledge bank
Following the strategy will benefit the school as it will enable them to focus on...


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