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Meditation and Prayers in Islam

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Meditation and Prayers in Islam
Meditation is a Thrust. To explain Thrust I should be truly trusty. I should be taken away by thrust to explain it. No one can understand thrust, if he or she is not experiencing it. My esteemed thirsty guests, I need your great company to have the pursuit of the Burning Thrust (strongest Stimulant) till the point of its Fulfilment.
Meditation in Islam – Invaluable Information
No one can better understand the importance of ‘information – knowing’ than the present human being. Information has the ‘greatest value’ in the present age – It is be all and end all. The well-informed decision means success, avoidance of risk and uncertainty, peace of mind in life, and for life as a whole. Having it and utilizing it mean success and not having it and ignoring it mean failure and being unwise. We all need information to decide mundane matters, like what I should wear tomorrow (based on information on weather) and where I should study, work, invest, live, dine, etc (all preferences are sorted on the basis of information). The information is indispensable and the ‘core and crux’ in all bargains of life. Life as a whole - a bargain – and real success (inner happiness, joy, peace and enrichment) in this bargain is absolutely based on taking into account all relevant information about life and visa versa. Islamic meditation is all about getting information, real insight, feeling secured, digging and uprooting the deepest sorrows, capriciousness, uncertainty and fears of our inner world. Is Meditation is the natural and permanent cure to anxiety, frustrations, purposelessness, loneliness, etc. The ‘destabilising factors’ which keep us away from real joys, happiness and peace, can be sorted our if we can have Truthful answers (and thereupon actions) to the following questions.
1 Human Being – Man
Who is Human being, mortal or immortal, spiritual or physical? What about his Existence before birth, His creation, his status on earth, his purpose on...


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