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Mrs. Kersey
English 11
16th September 2013
Gun Control
Want to know how bad guns are getting, they are no longer serving the purpose to protect us, they are simply being used as weapons for criminal activity, US citizens are abusing our rights to bear arms .Want proof? Over 1,057,000 people have been killed by guns in the USA alone since John Lennon was shot and killed. This number is so so much greater than the related gun deaths in such countries as Sweden, Great Britain and Japan, Would you like to know why? Simply because of gun control laws. That’s it, there laws are stricter, therefore if we would make are gun control laws stricter, the number of deaths would decrease and drop accordingly. Since 1980, forty-four states have passed laws allowing gun owners to carry concealed weapons outside their homes for personal protection, but the questions is, is it going to be used for the right purpose? If someone is allowed to carry a gun on his person legally, that is going to give them upper hand, to the people who don’t have guns, he will feel invincible and they will feel unsafe. Gun control needs to be put in place now, or it will only get worse and worse then it already is.
Millions of children live in homes with guns. However, more than half of their parents do not keep their guns locked up in a safe. If you simply forget to lock up your gun in your safe, it will lead to thousands of deaths and injuries among children every year. “ So cancel out his problem by eliminating guns “ ( Hodeges) American owns over 200 million guns alone! Every year over 1,500 children die because of parents who so called “ forget “ to lock up their guns! So if we make it difficult to obtain a gun and stiffening, the punishment for those who are caught illegally for possessing a firearm will ultimately save lives! Gun violence is defined as suicides, attempt of murder, assaults with a gun and homicides. More than half the homes in the United States possess firearms. If we...


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