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Gender Development
Sex: is the biological status of a male or female, it is defined by our chromosomes, hormones and anatomical differences.
Gender: is psychosocial, refers to the notions of expected behaviours, roles and attitudes of males and females within a given society.
Social construction:   it is invented by the society, so different societies see gender differently.
Sex role: adult gender stereotypes
Sex role gender stereotypes:   is an organised belief about the behaviour, characteristics and attitudes expected by males and females.
Adults Stereotypes about Infants
  Many adults treat males and females differently, as they have different expectation for both sexes and this result to Stereotype.
For e.g. Boys can only wear BLUE clothes and Girls can only wear PINK clothes.
  Psychologists decided to propose the Baby X study. The baby X study is when adults are not given a gender label of the baby but is told it is either a male or female they are left a lot alone to interact with the baby and this was done to see how adults treat them with expectations.
  Many studies have shown that adults perceive and react in a gender stereotypical way.
Seavey supports adult stereotyping.
Aim: carried out the first baby X study and to see whether gender label attached to babies affected adult’s responses.
  A three month old baby was dressed in a yellow baby suit.
  I/3 of the population was told that the child was a boy, the other 1/3 was told the child was a girl and the remaining 1/3 was not given a gender label.
  They were left in the room to interact with the baby for 3 minutes.
  They were left with specific toys such as rag doll (for girls) and a ball (for boys) and a plastic ring (gender neutral toy)
Results:   When the participants were told that the baby was a female they used the rag doll, when the participants told them that the baby was a male they used the plastic ring and when they wasn’t given a gender label, females...


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