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Neurons in the central neuron system process information. Neurons are both large and small and many come together to form neural systems. These neural systems will carry out a particular function. The brain and the spinal cord both work together to form the central nervous system. For example in a simple reflex reaction like touching a sharp object on the surface of the skin, all the neurons located to the surface will act as a sensor. These will communicate through the neurons to the brain. When the tissues are damaged, electrical activity occurs in the neurons. The neurons transmit messages through the spinal cord to the brain and routed back to the muscles which will cause the reflex withdrawal of the hand from the sharp object. Neurons work in a specific way and this is understood by thinking of the outer cell consisting of a tiny electrical voltage. The activity of the electrical volt increases when the stimulus touches the tip of the neuron. Tissue damage will trigger many groups of neurons, (Toates, 2007).
The neuron transmits activity from one cell to another. The neuron cell has a gap between the other which is known as a synapse. The presynaptic neuron transmits activity to the postsynaptic neuron through the synaptic gap. Although the neuron travels using electrical activity, the transmitting process from one cell to the other, through the synapse is done using chemical means. The neurotransmitter is the chemical that is released from the presynaptic neuron to the neighbouring postsynaptic cell.When this process occurs it causes excitation to the second cell which will lead it to increase activity. Some neighbouring cells may show inhabitation and not produce activity, (Online activity 5).
The alteration of human behaviour and mood changes are linked with the exchanges of the neurons through the synapses. Changes in the activity between the neurons will affect mood and behaviour in a person. Some common reasons of behavioural changes are caused by...


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